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Probably the best adoption scheme in the world, bar none

Aims of Adopt A Local How To Pay
Gloucester Tourism - Threat to Traditional Pubs Where your £20 goes
Camera - Statistics on UK pubs closing  
The Charity-Society for Licensed Victuallers  

The aims of the Adopt a Local campaign are:

To support and promote traditional and rural pubs/inns in Gloucestershire.

To promote tourism in Gloucestershire and the UK as a whole

To create International interest and support for the local pub where ever it maybe in the World

For £20 a year you can support your own local and also participate in ‘probably the best adoption scheme in the world – bar none’

Jon Ellard
Managing Director

Gloucestershire Tourism

Pubs are one of the glories of Gloucestershire. The county has about as many pubs in the 'Good Pub Guide' as the whole of Scotland. In tourism terms pubs are an international British icon: their survival and success is essential in terms of how Britain is seen as a visitor destination. Gloucestershire Tourism hosts as many as 100 international press visits a year and virtually all overseas journalists want to visit a pub, enjoy lunch and meet the locals.

Pubs should not be taken for granted. Rural pubs were affected by the foot and mouth outbreak in 2001 and long running tourism industry challenges such as the strong £, BSE outbreaks and terrorism impacts on travel mean that pubs need serious support at a time when income from overseas visitors as well as locals is under threat.

For further information, please contact:
Chris Dee, Gloucestershire County Tourism Officer
Tel: +44 (0) 1452-425657
E-mail: tourism@gloscc.gov.uk Web: www.glos-cotswolds.com

Camra (Campaign for Real Ale)

For more information please visit www.camra.org.uk
20 Pubs close every month and 27% of UK adults 'never' visit pubs
Bob Stukins, CAMRA’s Director of Pubs Campaigning said, “It’s clear that many people are not using pubs and there is a real risk of many rural and community pubs being closed and lost forever.

Mike Benner, CAMRA’s Head of Campaigns said “Although it was encouraging to see that nearly 30% of the UK adults visit the pub ‘once a week a week or more’, CAMRA were surprised to find that over a quarter of adults NEVER visit pubs. Research also showed that 20 pubs are closing every month and that if this trend continues, then many of Britain’s unique pubs will disappear very quickly!”
CAMRA’s National Pubs Week has been designed to encourage more people to visit pubs more regularly. The campaign’s slogan is ‘There’s a pub for everyone’ and CAMRA seeks to highlight the enormous variety of pubs in the UK.

So how will the sponsorship money be spent?

The sponsorship fee for the year is £20. Pubs2000 will use the money in the following ways

£5 will go to the ‘Society of Licensed Victuallers’ charity. This charity cares for the young, elderly & sick in the retail drinks industry.
£5 to be spent on buying the participating local a couple of drinks or a meal.
£5 will go towards the print, postage and design costs etc.
£5 The remaining will go to Pubs2000 to cover management, administration and development costs.
A group of people will be able to sponsor each local and additional locals can be added when the campaign really takes of

What you receive for your adoption fee

Once you have adopted someone you will receive an e-mail confirming that the adoption process has been completed.
In the post Pubs2000 will send you a certificate with a signed photograph of the local and a beer mat from the pub/inn.
Throughout the 12-month adoption period you will receive regular news and stories about how your local is doing.

The Charity Society for Licensed Victuallers (SLV)

The SLV is a charity caring for the young, elderly and sick in the retail drinks industry.
The SLV aims to promote independent living for the elderly by reducing the impact of poverty, loneliness and incapacity
make life more bearable for the sick by providing much needed support to the sick and disabled
provide security and stability for the young by helping families overcome hardship and tragedy


For more details see:
Web site http://www.slv-online.org.uk/
E-mail info@slv-online.org.uk

How To Pay

You can either pay online with your credit card by using Pay Pal or by Post with a cheque (please do not send cash through the post)

By Post

Print of and complete the ‘Adoption Form’ or ask for forms at a participating Pub
Please make cheque's payable to Pubs2000 and send with this form in a stamped addressed envelope to:
Adopt a local
Cotswold Innovation Centre
42 A P Ellis Road
Rissington Business Park
Upper Rissington
GL54 2QB
United Kingdom

By Pay Pal

The next screen you see will be Pay Pal - Those of you who are familiar with Pay pal
will already know how quick and easy it is to use. If you are not already a Pay pal user, you can still pay using Paypal using your credit/debit card in the usual way.

For non US residents please click on the link and then complete the payment details page. You will also be asked to create a username and password that will allow you to access your payment details at a later date.

This is an annual subscription; you will be charged £20 per annum if you wish to continue to adopt your local. You are free to cancel your service at any time, no questions asked - there is no long-term contract. If you cancel no further payment will be collected.

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